DWP Fraud

Department for Work and Pensions Fraud

Many people are accused of Fraud by the D.W.P. following the failure by the D.W.P. to advise people on their rights and entitlements.

Forensic Accountancy and Investigation Services are frequently called upon by members of the Legal Profession for advice on these alleged cases; and as a result we are well versed in the rules regarding unemployment benefits, and often find allowances not taken into account by the D.W.P.

In addition we are "au fait" with the correct procedures to be taken by the D.W.P. when reviewing a possible fraud case. In our experience many cases can be struck off as a result of procedural failings by the D.W.P.

Even when the accused has clearly breached the regulations, we can often reduce the alleged fraud or show good reason as to why they thought they were entitled to the benefit or why they were working whilst on benefit.
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