Commercial Fraud

Commercial Fraud

With modern Accounting systems, the staffing levels within accounts departments have been reduced to the level where it is impossible for each member of staff to scrutinise the work of another member.

As a result the level of Commercial Fraud has increased. In those instances it is important to be able to carry out detailed investigations into the Accountancy procedures and to ascertain the extent, if any, of the falsification of the records.

Where those records are computerised, it is important to ascertain whether or not the computer programs are secure and tamper proof. It is also vital to review the programs to see whether they can definitely prove fraud by a person or persons or whether the output would be subject to misinterpretation.

Our team have considerable skill and experience in the major Accountancy software packages and can provide detailed evidence in cases concerning accusations of commercial fraud.

We also have the ability to see through "smoke screens" and to highlight areas of "teaming and loading".
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